Using computer assisted sewing machines; appliqué combines direct embroidery and a variety of optional materials such as: wool felt, acrylic felt, polyester twill, cotton twill and much more to create countless decoration choices. Traditionally one of the more expensive methods of decoration, Appliqué designs are used in a variety of promotional, retail, corporate and athletic inspired garments creating an ultra premium look and feel.

Distressed Appliqué is a variation of this method offering a frayed, torn, vintage look often found in today's fashion retail stores. Choose from cotton chino twill, felt or mix and match for a truly vintage look. A variety of templates make designing easy, with over 63 colours to choose from!

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A die is created from a logo image and is then depressed into the leather, suede, polyester or other fabric types using a combination of high heat and pressure. This process allows the image to be depressed and sit below the fabrics surface; sometimes referred to as blind stamping. This method has become more popular than Embossing, as no backing is required to maintain the graphics shape.

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The raising of an image on a product, accomplished by pressing the leather, suede or fabric between concave and convex dies so that the image is raised above the surface of the garment or accessory. This method offers a premium tone-on-tone look without adding any additional products to the fabric. This method requires a backing to hold the achieved 3 dimensional shapes, known as Bossback Foam, or Bossback Leather Fill..

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A stitch file (DST) is created and the design is stitched onto the leather or fabric item through the use of high speed, computer controlled sewing machines. The design is reproduced with tightly-stitched thread. Fine detail may be difficult to achieve.

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SEAMLESS HEAT TRANSFER™ is an innovative process providing a soft touch, full colour printed design, free of any borders or contours around intricate portions of designs. This process is ideal for small designs with intricate text, able to print up to 8 point font seamlessly. This process is printed using CMYK colour values, and offers an unlimited amount of colours and gradients in a single design.

HEAT TRANSFER - Solutions™ is an entire line of innovative heat transfer materials perfect for printing high quality, long lasting graphics. Solutions™ offer you the ability to create full-colour custom graphics, regardless of how many colours or gradients are involved. A variety of different formulas allow us to cater to a variety of fabric offerings. From cotton and polyester, to water proof nylon's and Lycra®/Spandex, there's a "Solution" for just about everything!

HEAT TRANSFER – CAD-CUT® is an entire line of innovative heat transfer materials created by computer assisted cutting - no printing required. Simply choose from our hundreds of colours and shades best suited for your design. 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective material is quickly becoming our most popular CAD-CUT® offering. It offers high visibility of your corporate identity, day or night. A variety of different formulas allow us to cater to a variety of fabric offerings. Ask us about custom CAD-CUT® offerings such as: Carbon Fibre, Glitter, Glow in the dark, Metallic's, Hologram's and so much more!

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New since 2012, laser embellishing offers the next generation of tone-on-tone decoration. A concentrated beam of high energy light is used to etch into fabrics and other materials while moving across a pre-determined course of up to 13" x 13".

Incorporating the same cutting-edge technology used in medical laser applications, you can create very fine detail on virtually any synthetic fabric. Extremely precise, you can create shapes and patterns as small as one-eighth inch square and text as tiny as eight-point type. Due to the fact that intensity can be controlled, it's possible to use the laser on a wide variety of products such as: leather golf shoes, wooden bar taps, picture frames, clothing hangers, glass and so much more.

*White fabrics are not recommended for use with laser embellishing. Black and Navy fabrics are very tonal in detail.
Some fabrics may be more difficult to see your finished design than others.

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Screen printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. A blade or squeegee is moved across the screen to fill the open mesh apertures with ink, and a reverse stroke then causes the screen to touch the substrate momentarily along a line of contact. This causes the ink to wet the substrate and be pulled out of the mesh apertures as the screen springs back after the blade has passed. Each colour is laid down separately and requires a spate mesh screen for each colour in your graphic.

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Using polyester Twill, designs are cut from 51 available colours and can be directly sewn onto a variety of fabric types. Choose from hundreds of pre-designed fonts, or create your own custom look. Tackle Twill letting and numbering can be found on many retail clothing pieces, as well as almost all professional sports team uniforms and sideline clothing.

A variety of premium fabrics are also available for this service including: Glacier Twill, Metallic Twill, Acrylic
and Wool Felt.

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Heat Transfer



True Cut

Laser Embellishment

Screen Printing

Tackle Twill






Raised Edge Inc. Promo

Cheeseboard Decoration

As the official crestor of the Toronto Marlies Hockey Club, Raised Edge Inc. had the liberty of assisting Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment with the following teaser video; which was unveiled at the start of the 2012 – 2013 season. The following video was filmed on location at the Raised Edge Inc. office in Aurora, ON.

Laser Embellishment
on Fabric

The Debossing Process


A decorator second to none! They have taken the time to figure it out how to do it
and do it right.

The best kept secret - in fact don't tell my competition about them as they always give us the competitive EDGE. On time and done right the first time.

Raised Edge is my go to supplier for decoration needs. Not only do they provide an excellent final product, their customer service is amazing. They have a “can do” policy, and in the promo world that is a necessity. I know I can call them with a difficult request and they are always eager to help and ensure the order is delivered on time. It’s a relief to know that Raised Edge cares about what they do and that I can always rely on them….no matter what the request.

I couldn't recommend the guys at
Raised Edge enough! We always know what we're getting and never have to worry about a thing. I rely heavily on them for their superb workmanship and attention to detail. We couldn't ask for anything more.

Raised Edge has been a great supplier for Golf Canada over the last 3-4 years by providing uniform decoration services for our National Golf Team program. The staff at Raised Edge has been first class to deal with and always go above and beyond to meet my required timelines. The end product is always superb in quality. I would recommend Raised Edge to anyone looking for a garment decoration or embellishment supplier.

Marc and his team at Raised Edge are great to work with. They are prompt with their responses and deliver your orders on time. That's why we use them for our decorating needs over and over again.

We have had the opportunity to work with Raised Edge for each of our three years running the New Roads Children's Dream Charity Golf Classic, Hosted by Regional Councillor John Taylor and Raised Edge have been very professional to work with in providing custom pin flags and other custom embroidered items for our event. As well, Raised Edge have also been very generous in offering to sponsor a custom embroidered ball cap for each of our golfers to receive in our Registration Gift Bags. We thank them with our many other generous sponsors for helping us to raise over $100, 000.00 in just three short years helping to provide to special projects for less fortunate children in Newmarket.

We have had the pleasure of doing business with Raised Edge for the past couple years. They continue to amaze us with their high level of service, professional workmanship and ability to get things done under strict, and often tight, timelines. Our customers are continuously commenting on the unique treatment/decorating options, which allow for custom logos on various surfaces. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone in the industry.

I'm very impressed with both Marc and Thomas. From the first day we met, you were both very accommodating, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Your quality of work is second to none! I’ve had great feedback form both internal and external customers. We wish you continued success!!!

Dear Raised Edge,

I want to thank you for all your hard work on behalf of myself and my clients. Your professionalism and attention to detail are always evident. And, most important thank you for not letting me and my client down on this last rush order - your sense of urgency is impeccable In addition to these attributes, the work you do is excellent. My client loves the look and feel of the Debossing.

I look forward to working with you for many more years.

Raised Edge has been a service provider to our sport retail store since we opened in Sept. 2011. The team at Raised Edge has provided us with impeccable service and exceptional quality of work in all projects on which we have collaborated. They are reliable and continuously under promise and over deliver in all areas of service delivery. Our client base has repeatedly given us outstanding feedback in reference to the end products we deliver to them via Raised Edge. We would 100% recommend Raised Edge to be part of your preferred vendor team.

Thomas and Marc have been great to work with. I have sent over high quantity orders for laser etching and reflective 3M heat transfer printing. The quality of work is next to none, and with timely turn around they have certainly gone above and beyond expectations. I will be glad to send more orders their way in the future. Keep up the good work!

To assist with our growing club business Raised Edge provided organized and professional printing and embroidery services for us this past season. Raised Edge is always open to answering our questions and making suggestions on how to further the success of our small business. With a well-established and knowledgeable team, Raised Edge has a great deal of experience in the industry. They offer competitive pricing and quick turn-around times.



Raised Edge Inc.

Raised Edge Inc. is involved in the community, and across the province with various charities and causes. We are very honoured to lend support for worthwhile endeavours that help those who need it.

Raised Edge Inc. is committed to assisting charitable organizations with donations for events and fundraising initiatives. Due to the large volume of requests received, we mainly donate to organizations with a registered charitable number, are related to health care or children's services.


All requests must be received in writing on your Company letterhead and include all event details and contact information. Requests must be received at least one month in advance of event. Please click HERE for a donation request form.

Mail to:
Raised Edge Inc. Donations
6 Vata Court, Unit 1 & 2
Aurora, Ontario
L4G 4B6

We hope this information will assist you with your request. We consider all requests, however, we can not guarantee it will be fulfilled.


The fact is that with pneumatic/air operated machines you can Deboss or Emboss onto many synthetic fibers and leather. With Embossing, the backing will determine the life of the imprint. Raised Edge's hydraulic embossing/debossing machines can emboss/deboss on the following:

Acryl    Fleece    Flock    Foil    Leather    Lycra    Melton    Neoprene    Nylon Polar Fleece    Polyamide    Polyester    Polypropylenel

Yes, Raised Edge equipment allows for finished goods such as: Polos, ¼ Zips, Soft-Shell Jackets, Winter Jackets and 3 in 1, T-Shirts and many other apparel items. Please refer to the below chart to ensure your garment fabric is listed below:

Acryl    Fleece    Flock    Foil    Leather    Lycra    Melton    Neoprene    Nylon Polar Fleece    Polyamide    Polyester    Polypropylenel 

• Laser is the process of burning or etching into a fabrics surface with the usage of a concentrated beam of high energy light. The end result offers your design appearing just below the fabrics surface, in a noticeably darker shade then its initial colour. An additional proprietary step (optional) only available at Raised Edge, will offer a smooth, gloss finish. This option will add additional visibility to your decoration, most especially of dark shades such as navy and black.
• Due to the fact that intensity can be controlled, it is possible to use the laser on a wide variety of products such as: fabrics, shoes, wood, clothing and much more.

Fabric Limitations: Cotton / Rayon
Colour Limitation: White
*Some Black and Navy garments may will not show well when lasered.


Artwork Requirements


Saving Your Artwork

When designing your art files, please ensure that all Corel files must are saved in Corel X4 or lower. While using Adobe Illustrator, all version re acceptable. In all instances, ensure that you have converted all fonts to outlines (for Adobe users) or curves (for Corel users) before submitting artwork.

To convert fonts using CorelDraw:
With your art ungrouped, select all type and convert it to curves by selecting "Arrange/Convert to Curves." Note that script type styles will need to be welded in addition to being converted
to curves.

To convert fonts using Adobe Illustrator:
With your art ungrouped, select all type and convert it to outlines by selecting "Type/Create Outlines.


Understanding Colour

When embellishing using heat transfers, tackle twill or appliqué; referencing PANTONE® colours or CMYK values is required.
Full colour Solutions Heat Transfers as well as Seamles Heat Transfers are printed using 4-colour process inks, known as CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Kelly). Note that exact colour matches are not always obtainable using CMYK inks. Where CMYK is not available, our systems will best match a provided Pantone® colours, however an exact match cannot be guaranteed.
True Cut Heat Transfers are fabricated from a pre-determined Pantone® colour equivalent Palette. Colour matching is not possible. For a list of our available True Cut colours, please contact your Raised Edge Inc. customer service representative.
Tackle Twill and Applique are fabricated from a pre-determined Pantone® colour equivalent Palette. Colour matching is not possible. For a list of our available Tackle Twill colours, please contact your Raised Edge Inc. customer service representative. 


Digital File Formats

Artwork should be submitted in two methods. The first and most important is a vector format. Traditionally, file extensions for vector art end in .EPS, .CDR, .AI or in many cases, .PDF.


Digital File Formats

The second file submitted should be a Jpeg. This will allow us to ensure that there have not been any colour changes or alterations to your vector artwork which can sometimes occur due to new graphic software. Please limit file sizes to 30 MB.

With some decoration options, high-resolution .jpeg formats are expectable but not recommended. Avoid using images from the internet, as most do not print with an acceptable level of quality.

Should vector artwork not be readily available, we also accept the following formats. Please be aware that additional art fees may apply.


Art Proofs

Please review your paper proof thoroughly. Unless stated on your proof, all artwork will be to size. Ensure that when printing your art proofs, "fit to page" is not selected. Once an electronic approval is received indicating that your proof is correct, the order will be non-refundable.


Trademarks and Copyrights

Purchasing professional, college, and corporate custom designs for the purpose of profiting from the identity of those designs requires a license. The unauthorized use of registered trademarks and copyrighted logos or designs is illegal. When manufacturing products which incorporate these logos, we assume that you have obtained permission. We do, however, reserve the right to ask for written confirmation of this permission. Raised Edge Inc. accepts no liability for any unauthorized use of such material. Raised Edge Inc reserves the right to refuse to cut and / or design a dealer's order or parts of an order which are deemed to be offensive or which may allegedly be in violation of any legal statute.

Dye Migration Caution
Certain color and design restrictions may apply on applications due to sublimated fabric. For best results, we always recommend consulting with our decoration department. You are responsible testing our transfers on your garments. All Heat Transfer types are not 100% guaranteed to block dye migration. Due to the variability of textiles available on the market, testing is highly recommended. If you are applying heat transfers to polyester garments, Raised Edge Inc. will not be held responsible for any garments suffering from dye migration which have not been tested over a 10 day period.

Design Services


Terms and Conditions


Lead Times:

Orders generally ship within 8-10 business days from final artwork approval and receipt of goods. Please inquire for lead time on orders over 500 applications, as production times may vary based on decoration method. A 25% rush charge will apply to orders that require shipping earlier than our stated lead times.


Abandoned Merchandise:

All merchandise ordered or drop shipped is used for immediate order fulfillment. Apparel not used within 60 days of receipt will be considered “abandoned apparel” and will become property of Raised Edge Inc. All abandoned merchandise will be donated to a charity of our choice.


Supplied Order Merchandise:

All supplied client merchandise used for orders must arrive in new/good condition, with accurate printed inventory documentation. It is recommended that a size breakdown of your items be provided to ensure order accuracy. Failure to supply goods and inventory in a proper manner will increase completion and delivery timelines. Raised Edge Inc. is not responsible for lost merchandise as a result of compromised and damaged packaging delivered from clients to Raised Edge Inc. We reserve the right to refuse damage or broken packages.



Customer warrants that they have the legal right to use the marks, symbols, and/or designs depicted in the artwork supplied. Customer shall indemnify and hold Raised Edge Inc. harmless in any infringement actions as a result of reproducing artwork.


Product Photos:

Raised Edge Inc. assumes the right to use photos of garments and/or logos for promotional purposes 30 days after
an invoice, unless a NDA
(Non-Disclosure Agreement)
is provided with your
purchase order.



All orders are considered firm upon receipt of a purchase order, or email confirmation. You will be charged for any work that has begun directly related to your purchase order. Should you ask us to create heat transfers, in advance for a forthcoming project, and upon product arrival, the items cannot be heat transferred due to a fabric limitation or other circumstance which is product specific related, the cost of the heat transfers, as well as any setup charges, will be invoiced.



Raised Edge Inc. reserves the right to over ship/under ship up to 2% of the inventory received due to damages from the original manufacturer, or during the embellishing process.



Orders can ship: UPS or Purolator. We cannot accept liability for the failure of any carrier to fulfill a promised delivery time. All split shipments will be charged $10 per location.

We will use other couriers at our discretion. Raised Edge Inc. will not accept liability for late shipments or failure to meet a delivery time. Orders can be shipped directly to Raised Edge Inc.


Freight & Taxes:

All prices exclude taxes. All shipping and handling charges are to be paid for by the customer. Raised Edge Inc. will ship on your UPS or Purolator account (all other logistics or courier companies will need to be setup by the client). Should you not have an account, you will be invoiced for freight using Raised Edge Inc.’s UPS or Purolator services.


Payment Methods Accepted:

We accept:
Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Company Cheque, Money Order and e-transfer.



Raised Edge Inc. assumes the right to use photos of garments and/or logos for promotional purposes 60 days after an invoice.





Articles and Blogs

Meet the Partners

Bio: coming soon

Bio: Marc Di Schiavi has a specialty background in Heat Transfers through his employment with Stahls’ Canada – an industry giant in the fabrication of heat transfer materials and textile fabrics. He was the Marketing Co-Ordinator for the Canadian Division, while working closely with key accounts and was also affiliated with the testing of new Heat Transfer Materials on various fabrics.

Marc holds a BA in Marketing Management from Ryerson University, as well as a Marketing Certificate from Seneca College.

Bio: Jeff played junior hockey for the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (1982–1985). He was then selected in the first round (19th overall) of the 1983 NHL Draft by the Edmonton Oilers. He won three Stanley Cups there, before being traded, with Mark Messier, to the New York Rangers. There, he played on the top defensive pairing with Brian Leetch, and was an alternate captain. He led the team in penalty minutes three times (1992–93, 93–94, 95–96) and was on four Stanley Cup winning teams (1987, 1988, 1990 and 1994).

After playing his last game on February 12, 1999, he returned to hockey as an assistant coach for the Toronto Roadrunners (AHL) for the 2003–2004 season. In 2005, he became President and part-owner of the Lindsay Muskies of the Ontario Provincial Junior "A" Hockey League. In 2008, Beukeboom became an assistant coach with the Barrie Colts in the Ontario Hockey League. In June 2009, Beukeboom was named the assistant coach of the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League. In 2012, he returned to the AHL as an assistant coach for the Connecticut Whale.




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