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Raised Edge Design Services

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Artwork Requirements

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Tonal decoration is quickly becoming the decoration method of choice for many in today's marketplace.

Full colour, "loud and proud" has seen deterioration in its appeal, as more companies are looking for: more subtle, clean and not the typical "in your face" ways of branding their internal apparel.

Raised Edge offers a variety of tonal decoration options, each offering their own unique look and feel.

Tone-on-Tone A Tone-on-Tone B



is the process in which a die is created from a design, and is then depressed into the leather, suede, polyester or other synthetic fabric types using a combination of high heat and pressure. This process allows the image to be depressed and sit below the fabrics surface while achieving high levels of detail.



is a similar process. However instead of depressing your graphic, your image will actually be raised on a product. This is accomplished by pressing the leather, suede or synthetic fabric between concave and convex dies so that the image is raised above the surface of the garment or accessory. The noticeable difference from Debossing to Embossing is that this method requires a backing to hold the achieved 3 dimensional shapes achieved.


Gloss Heat Transfer

is a high-gloss heat transfer material with a patented leather finish. Offering a permanent bond, made to stand the lifespan of the garment, its high gloss effect offers an ideal contrast when creating tone-on-tone designs. This decoration method is intended for: polyester, cotton and poly/cotton blends; and is the only tonal option for garments containing cotton.

Note that designs containing fonts less than 0.25" in height should be tested to ensure they can be recreated using this process.



is the process of burning or etching into a fabrics surface with the usage of a concentrated beam of high energy light. The end result offers your design appearing just below the fabrics surface, in a noticeably darker shade then its initial colour. An additional proprietary step (optional) only available at Raised Edge will offer a smooth, gloss finish. This option will add additional visibility to your decoration, most especially of dark shades such as navy and black.

Due to the fact that intensity can be controlled, it is possible to use the laser on a wide variety of products such as: golf shoes, wooden bar taps, picture frames, clothing hangers, glass and so much more.





Gloss Heat Transfer


Fabric Limitations






8% or more Lycra/Spandex

Synthetic Leather



Colour Limitations



This media is only available in: Black, White, Red and Pink

*Some Black and Navy garments will not show well when lasered.

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